Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chick Days Giveaway: Red Rooster Wall Clock

MyPetChicken.com has partnered with Storey Publishing to celebrate Chick Days. Every day of our Chick Day Eggstravaganza, MyPetChicken.com will be giving away a chicken-inspired gift!

All you have to do to enter is write a short response to each giveaway post. We will pick one winner at random for each giveaway posted, and we will announce the week's winners on Fridays — be sure to check back to Inside Storey each day!
Today's giveaway is the Red Rooster Wall Clock.

Let us know why you would like to win this gift, if you own chickens, or if you want to raise chickens; give us your favorite chicken or egg recipe or tell us a funny chicken story; or just say “hello.” But remember, you must post to be entered to win.

We look forward to your responses!

Happy Chick Days from your friends at Storey Publishing & MyPetChicken.com.


Kristi said...

What an adorable clock! You would think I have chickens with the amount of books and magazines I have on owning them. Not yet, but someday!

Dru's Wife said...

Gorgeous clock - looking forward to all of your giveaways!

Anonymous said...


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vmdanielsen said...

great clock!

vmdanielsen said...

great clock!

Janet said...

Cool clock! I, too, raise Buckeyes, and love the breed. Nothing like chickens underfoot to get under your skin!

Teri Knight said...

All this talk of Chick Days reminds me of my own stint as chicken owner. Many years ago, I raised a few chickens. At the time, I also had a Shih-Tzu. Just one of those chickens outweighed my dog. Over time, I came to think of 'the girls' as The Poultry Posse. They roamed the yard in a group, challenging any and all brave enough to step out of their car. It wasn't so funny, though, when I had to accompany my dog outside to do his duties. He would step down off the porch and feathered heads came up. As a group, they charged toward my helpless 7-pound Shih-Tzu. I admit to being a little intimidated as well. The Poultry Posse signed their own warrant by going after my pet. The rooster wall clock would serve as a fond reminder of the girls. Teri Knight

Kristy Rustay said...

See today's post: http://insidestorey.blogspot.com/2011/03/this-weeks-winners-more-giveaways.html
for this week's winner!