Friday, October 15, 2010

Purple Potatoes, Anyone?

Diced "purple" potatoes, ready to go into the pot of boiling water

What would you say if someone served you purple mashed potatoes with your dinner?

Well, last night roasted garlic mashed purple potatoes topped with a chicken-stock, leek, and butter reduction accompanied breaded baked chicken and garlicky green beans on my husband's and my dinner plates. We both agreed that they were delish!

My husband Ryan and I ate purple mashed potatoes with our chicken and green beans for dinner last night.

I am calling them purple — when mashed they become a pastel purple. But because their color is more of an indigo, they are known in the gardening world as blue potatoes. Although I cannot remember specifically which kind I purchased, I looked some up online and concluded that they were either All Blue or Adirondack Blue, both of which can be oblong and have a purplish-blue flesh and skin.

I peeled and cut the blue potatoes in preparation for dinner.

In addition to blue potatoes, I planted Russian Reds and some variety of small gold potatoes. I think I harvested two of the golds (that's it!) and several of the reds, but the blues were the majority of my harvest. I guess we will be having more purple potatoes for dinner in the coming weeks.

A meager harvest of the red potatoes

The blue potatoes grew in abundance in my garden.

This photo was taken in midsummer. It is a blossom
from one of the blue potato plants. Notice that
even the blossom is a pale purplish blue.

What potato varieties have you grown? Any good growing tips? Recipe ideas?

— Kristy L. Rustay, Marketing Manager


flux biota. said...

I love purple potatoes! I've only seen them twice in my life. Your photo being the second.

Kristy Rustay said...

Yes, once cut, they were almost too beautiful to cook! I have seen small blue potatoes sold at a grocery store in with a mix of small red, gold, and blue potatoes. But, until I grew and cooked these, I had never seen anything like them before. I really didn't notice a difference in taste, just in the amazing color.