Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Triumph of the Tomato!

This is yet another post about my kid's hydroponic tomatoes. I promise, it may well be the last one, but if you're still with me, this is good stuff. If you recall, we transplanted several of the tomato plants to our garden. This seemed to be a shock to their little systems, and they gave us a few scares by turning yellow and spindly for a while. My husband and I didn't have much hope, but Ben didn't give up — he went out every day after school, and once school ended, a few times a day, to water them, chat them up, and generally give them self-esteem and encouragement. Well, it worked! They are green and strong, and the other day, when my gardener-son went outside to see what the day had brought his plants, I heard a whoop and went out to see this triumphant sight:

Tomatoes!!! He made tomatoes! Despite a water ban in our area that doesn't allow sprinklers or watering during the daytime hours, he has gone out every night at dusk to sprinkle them with water and take new pictures of the little beauties. Cross your fingers: by this weekend, we may be making cherry tomato salsa. Kudos to those who have faith in the things that grow.

— Amy Greeman, Publicity Director

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