Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bloom Day, May 2010

It's Bloom Day again! It's always exciting to see what we have blooming in our yards as we make our way into the warmer seasons. I specifically remember last year's May Bloom Day post: We all had lilacs in full bloom. This year my bushes had only a few blossoms, and of those few all but one wilted this past week with our freezing night-time temperatures. It seems, though, that some plants are hardier and can stand up to our New England weather — this is what we have blooming right now in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont.

From Maryellen Mahoney's Yard:
"Here are a few pictures of the flowers blooming in my Shaftsbury, Vermont, garden. April snow showers bring May flowers! It's nice to know Mother Nature prevailed through the snowstorm, winds, and freezing temperatures we have experienced in Vermont over the last couple of weeks!"



Yellow and red tulips

From my yard in Pittsfield, Massachusetts:

A red flowering bush. Is this a red azalea?

The first blossom on my chive plant has begun to open up.

A white flowering bush is intertwined with a small green flowering bush. Is the white a rhododendron?

Here is a better look at what I believe to be a rhododendron.

Tell us what is growing in your yard (include your location) this May. We look forward to hearing from you!

-Kristy L. Rustay, Marketing Manager

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Beautiful Day said...

Pretty! There's nothing flowering here - we're nearly to winter and it's getting cold! Wendy xx