Monday, March 1, 2010

Candy Construction Pyramid

I’m designing a book titled Candy Construction Company, about building things like race cars and castles out of store-bought candy and cookies. My son's birthday party was last week, and it provided the perfect opportunity to try one of the projects in the book. I always let him pick a theme for his party each year, and at the bare minimum I design an invitation that reflects his particular obsession. Right now he's deep into ancient history, including the Roman and Egyptian empires, and he chose an Egyptian theme for his party.

For the party invitations we got real papyrus and
rubber-stamped hieroglyphs to spell out Happy Birthday Xavier.

In Candy Construction Company there are directions for a graham cracker and buttercream frosting pyramid, which I used to make this cake topper.

Our cake for Xavier's party
Photo by Mars Vilaubi

The photo of the pyramid that appears in the book Candy Construction Company
Photo by Kevin Kennefick

The palm trees are also a project in the book, made from green Twizzlers and pretzel sticks. My husband sampled the apple-flavored Twizzlers and gave them two thumbs down for flavor, so he wanted to try candied fruit slices. I was a little skeptical he could make it work, but he really outdid himself. They look fantastic.

Alethea Morrison, Creative Director

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