Monday, February 22, 2010

Chick Days: Fashion and Home Dec Roundup

I was thumbing through my new Anthropologie catalog last week, and I came upon some pretty garments decorated with chicken patterns.

The Australorp blouse at left and Cockadoodle dress at right are sold through Anthropologie.

I know that chickens are the It bird, but I thought their popularity was confined to the backyard. After seeing chickens scratching their way onto fashionable frocks, I thought I'd do a little poking around the Web and see what else I could find.

There's nothing cuter than a chick, so it's long been a staple motif for baby, but even mama hens are showing up on products for tots.

Clockwise from top left: State of Green offers this French Bazaar Chicken bib,
Lotta Jansdotter designed these unbearably cute booties,
Urban Outfitters has this sweet wall art from Xenia Taler,
and Itstics on Etsy sells these wall decals.

Chicken love is in the air for grown-ups as well. The pendant light below, made to resemble a wire egg basket, is my favorite.

From left to right: a pendant light from Terrain,
a decorative plate from Kaas Glassworks,
and Simrin coasters available from Velocity Art and Design.

For those with a taste for kitsch, from left to right: a notecard set by Repro Depot,
published by Chronicle Books; an egg cup available at Wrapables;
and a kitchen timer at Fred Flare.

And finally, for the crafty type, all of the above is available at Etsy.
Clockwise from top left: Le Coq de Granville fabric by Alexander Henry,
wall decal at the elphannie shop; kitchen towels from ooladesign,
wall decal at the circlelinestudio shop, and a throw pillow from juniperlane.

Alethea Morrison, Creative Director

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