Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sew a Safe and Warm Fleece Vest for Man's Best Friend

Photo © Kevin Kennefick for Sew What! Fleece

Let it snow! If you and your four-footed friend enjoy long walks in the great outdoors, this blaze orange fleece vest from Sew What! Fleece will keep your dog safe and cozy in winter weather. Download the PDF below for complete sewing directions.

If the rain and sleet is bad enough to keep you indoors, daily play and exercise is still important. In her book Happy Dog, Happy You, Arden Moore suggests a canine treasure hunt for days when the weather is anything but “fetching.” Put your dog in a stay, and show him a treat. Then place the treat behind a chair while your dog watches you. Go back to him and say, “Find the treasure.” Once your dog understands the concept, pretend to stash treats in several places in a room, but leave the treasure in only one location. Then tell him to “find the treasure.” Praise him when he discovers his tasty prize.

Sew What! Fleece — Can You See Me Now? Dog Vest

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free run said...

so prettily and lively puppy!!
It is very cold in the snow, the fleece is warn enough?
The North Face fleece is a good choice ! wearing very warm .Unfortunately there is no suitable dogs.