Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving Wish to Our Storey Bloggers

Maryellen Mahoney, Storey's account manager, is a true country girl — a poster child for Storey Publishing, one might say. One of her country-time hobbies is raising poultry of all kinds. This year she adventured in raising turkeys and then sold her humanely raised gobblers to her coworkers for Thanksgiving. Even while I was talking with her, our CEO, Dan Reynolds, was writing her a check for his holiday bird!

From the country girl herself:
"The pictures are of our Broad-Breasted Bronze turkeys. The five birds weighed only ounces in May. Five months later the turkeys dressed out to a total of over 180 pounds! The largest tom dressed at 48.5 pounds. Our healthy, hefty turkeys are proof of the invaluable information in Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys. I practically slept with that book under my pillow, since this was my first year raising turkeys! My questions on protein ratios, housing, and more were answered with practical and proven information in the book. Gosh, I can hardly wait till spring 2010 to start raising more turkeys!!!"


Katie said...

Gobble, gobble! How did the turkey taste? A certain someone says that "turkeys are so last year. How about some buffalo?"

Anonymous said...

I had one of Mel's fantastic turkeys for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was fabulous! It was so huge - 36 lbs - that I was a little intimidated about cooking it properly, but it was delicious! My kids, my husband, and our guest all said it was the best tasting turkey they ever had. Sign me up for next year, Mel!