Friday, August 7, 2009

Raising Your Own Chickens is a Growing Trend!

Photograph by Melanie Jolicoeur

I was pleased to see a piece in the New York Times this past week about the growing trend of raising chickens in one's backyard — in places as disparate as Brooklyn, suburban Chicago, and the rural West. The article cites a few reasons to raise poultry: as "an emblem of extreme foodie street cred" or out of fear for the safety of supermarket food. People commenting on the article online added many of their own incentives for keeping a feathered flock: to control bugs and snails in the yard, to enjoy as quirky, friendly pets, as a way to fight back against corporate greed and the cruelty endured by factory-raised animals, to create a "true food cycle," Michael Pollan style. It was inspiring.

Here's where you can read the full article: Keeping Their Eggs in Their Backyard Nests.

Storey has lots of books on building coops and raising chickens here.

— Melanie Jolicoeur, Associate Director of Marketing

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Kathleen C. said...

Yes, we've recently had an organized movement growing to allow small chicken coops in city limits here. Many people are worried about smell and noise, but the pro-chicken folks make some good support for their case (no roosters.... they're the noisy ones; 5 or less means little to no smell).
I hope they succeed... even though it won't affect me personally as I live outside city limits and can have as many chickens as I want!