Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day — August 2009

It's August 15th already? Where has the summer gone? I'm personally hoping for a long, warm Autumn.

To start off our monthly Garden Blogger's Bloom Day post, editor Gwen Steege is sharing her Rose of Sharon, Sneezeweed (Helenium), Sedum Autumn Joy and Sea Holly (Eryngium).

The next four are from the garden of Deb Burns, in Williamstown, MA.

Chicory and Queen Anne's lace along the driveway

Lilies and phlox

Russian sage and black-eyed Susans on stone wall

Scarlet Runner beans in bloom

The potted herbs above belong to our new Senior Publicist Michelle Blackley, and they've survived New York City, downtown Buffalo, and her recent move to Williamstown. Can you hear the big sigh of relief they're breathing? Below, some blooms brighten her deck.

Maryellen Mahoney's garden in Shaftsbury Vermont has been inspiring all summer long, but judging from the four photos below it really glows in August.


C. bipinnatus /  Cosmos  

Tropaeolum majus / Nasturtium  

Rudbeckia / Black- eyed Susans

In my own garden Echinachea is blooming and the butterflies are happy.

There are some scattered sunflowers the birds planted for me.

And enough Hydrangeas in bloom to cut and bring inside when it rains.

You can visit May Dreams Gardens to see more of what's blooming this August.


LindaCTG said...

Just lovely! Inspiration for our hot days down here. Thank you.

Yvonne said...

Lovely flowers. August is a rich month indeed.

Carol said...

Lovely group post... so glad to find your blog and to know that Storey is still doing well out in the Berkshires!