Friday, August 7, 2009

Five for Friday — the Storey Edition

Inspired by this post on the Vroman's bookstore blog, here are five suggestions for some weekend fun.

Attend the Northeast Organic Farming Association's annual summer conference in Amherst, Massachusetts. Weekend events will include workshops in sustainable living, an old-fashioned country fair, organic meals, camping, dancing, live music, and fun! Be sure to stop by the Storey booth while you're there.

Take a butterfly walk on Sunday, August 9, with a professional lepidopterist at Project Native in Housatonic, Massachusetts.

Share and share alike. Visit the HHuGE Garden Wagon Exchange located at the The Old Creamery in Cummington, Massachusetts. Bring some surplus vegetables, and/or take some surplus vegetables.

Pick your own. Here in Massachusetts August is peak season for both blueberries and raspberries (not to mention corn, watermelon, peas, peppers, peaches . . .)

Hammer some plants. Seriously! The vibrant colors, shapes, and details of both flowers and leaves are easily preserved by pounding them until their natural dyes are released onto paper (besides, it sounds like a good stress reliever). Carrot tops, coreopsis, cosmos, dianthus, dill, fern, impatiens, lobelia, maple leaves, and vinca are all good choices for hammering. Here are the instructions for hammering plants on paper from our book Nature's Art Box. You can download the project as a printable pdf here.

How to Hammer Plants, a project from Nature's Art Box. height="500" width="100%" > value="">

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