Monday, August 31, 2009

Dining Alfresco at Storey

In my former life as an art director, I spent lots of time at food shoots and therefore know better than to show you most of the quick photos I snapped of the delectable offerings Storey employees recently shared at our second company-wide potluck lunch. The accompanying handwritten labels on the containers ended up looking far more appealing, hinting at the contents within.

One dish, however, managed to not only look good under the glare of overhead fluorescents and surrounding clutter but elicit "ooohs" and "ahhhs" from those of us who were standing around the table like vultures, waiting for the official okay to dig in. . . .

This plate full of showstopping white chocolate bones and spiderweb cookies is from the pages of Ghoulish Goodies. Click here, and author Sharon Bowers will show you how to make the bones!

According to Wikipedia, the history of the term "potluck" dates back to 1592 and a quote from Thomas Nashe: "That that pure sanguine complexion of yours may never be famisht with pot lucke." The original meaning was food given away to guests, usually whatever one was lucky enough to have "in the pot" at a particular time. Not surprisingly, the pots of Storey employees in late August are filled with fresh vegetables, and many of the dishes shared came from recipes found in Serving Up the Harvest, including this quiche. . . .

a refreshing cucumber-cashew salad,

and "very garlicy" ravioli with Swiss chard.

There was also HOT tomato salsa, tomato and fresh mozzarella caprese,

a little spicy (perfectly spicy, really) Saag Paneer,

traditional tuna and chicken salad sandwiches, a Crock-Pot full of tender meatballs simmering in red sauce,

sliced watermelon, a frosted chocolate layer cake, chocolate decadent brownies, fresh peach cobbler (from 250 Treasured Country Desserts), and an ambrosia-like spring pie . . . and that's just what I sampled. There was plenty to feast on.

The afternoon was perfect for eating outside — sunny, with a crisp breeze that hinted of autumn. A family visiting our neighbor, MASS MoCA, spotted the full tables and food and thought they'd found the hot spot for lunch in North Adams. They looked so disappointed when someone explained that they were about to walk into the Storey offices, not a restaurant.

If you've been reading her Friday posts, you know that editor Deb Burns has a gift for being attuned with the natural world around her. Looking up, she pointed out that there were "mare's tails" clouds overhead.

And ascending the stairs to the office gave me a bird's-eye view of one of our impromptu banquet tables by the MASS MoCA courtyard.

— Melanie Jolicoeur, Associate Director of Marketing


Amy Greeman said...

What a great lunch that was...I had about twenty-seven meatballs.

Amy Greeman said...

What a great lunch that was...I had about twenty-seven meatballs.

Timber Press said...

That sounds like a fun lunch! It makes me want to plan one for the Timber office.
-Kathryn Juergens

Unknown said...

What a nice post and the food just looks amazing. Sorry one of our patrons tried to crash the party!