Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - July 2009

The sun did quite a bit of hiding over the course of the past month, but our hardy New England gardens are blooming and there's lots of color to share for this month's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day at May Dreams Garden. So without further ado here are...

some not-yet-ripe yellow cherry tomatoes,

potted rosemary (with oregano),

mammoth organic snow peas,

and black raspberries. Photos by Kristy MacWilliams.

Daylilies, from Maribeth Casey.

Potato blossoms,

peonies in the morning mist,

and dew-covered daylilies from Maryellen Mahoney.


Sweet William,

and geranium. Photos by Debbie Surdam.

Monarda (bee balm),

and Echinacea from Gwen Steege

Hollyhocks against stone siding,

and sky-blue clematis from Deb Burns

Apricot Delight Yarrow,

and 'Big Sky' Sundown coneflower from Jen Smith.

and finally, Queen of the Prairie,

and Meadow Rue, from my own garden.

Thanks for visiting!

- Melanie Jolicoeur, Associate Director of Marketing


healingmagichands said...

How interesting to see peonies and day lilies at the same time. Your zone is so different that ours. I'm glad I stopped by to visit, your gardens are delicious.

Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog said...

I love all of your photos. It's so nice to see flowers and veggies that I saw in spring still blooming somewhere! Now if I could just experience some of your cool weather like we had in spring...

Melanie Jolicoeur said...

Jean, I would gladly send some of our cool weather your way. I had to throw on my winter coat Saturday night to pick lettuce!

~~Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms. Mmm! Raspberries! I have a box of those to plant. Next year...pie! ~~Rhonda :)