Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day — June 2009

It's June 15th and the hills are alive! Time for Storey employees to share the floral bounty with a Bloom Day post for May Dreams Garden.

Blueberry blossoms, globe allium, and blue skies from Maryellen Mahoney.

Lupines, oriental poppies, and a touch of iris from the hills of Ashfield. Photo by Dan Reynolds.

White and purple clematis, and white bellflowers. Photos by Anne Guest.

Roses, honeysuckle, and a pink peony from the garden of Lisa Hiley.

Painted daisies and (rain soaked) peonies in my own garden. Happy gardening!

— Melanie Jolicoeur, Associate Director of Marketing


Kristy Rustay said...

Ahhh, June is so colorful and vibrant! Thanks for sharing.

Carol Michel said...

A broad spectrum of blooms, how fun to work with co-workers who share a love of gardening, or are at least willing to share their blooms for bloom day!

Thanks for joining in!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

sweetbay said...

Beautiful Bloom Day post! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Melanie - I love your first shot how the flowers are closed, almost open and all the way open - so cool that you caught that! - Jayme.

Anonymous said...

However, the ambience and the scenery was still completely amazing and the skies were the most beautiful shade of blue that day....forsythia for sale