Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tips for New Mothers (and Fathers!) from Happy Baby, Happy You

In  honor of Mother’s Day, here are some tips from the pages of Storey’s recently released Happy Baby, Happy Youalong with some illustrations from the book by the very talented Jessica Hische. Filled with hundreds of simple ideas for bonding, playing, learning, and nuturing, this book would make a wonderful addition to a gift basket for a new mother in your life! 

Let your cup overflow. Cuddling your baby is a healthy way of nurturing him both emotionally and physically. Pooh-pooh anyone who tries to convince you that you’ll spoil your baby if you pick him up too often.

Go for a swim. Newborns take to water naturally. After all, they spent nine months immersed! Whether it’s in your backyard pool or the community pool at the YMCA, your baby will find floating in water very soothing.
     Skip the water wings, though; they can slip off or tangle on little arms. Instead, look for a swim vest that allows even the smallest of babies to safely float on their backs. You can use it in the tub too! Supervision is required.

Nothing influences your child’s opinion of himself as much as your opinion of him. Giving your child a positive view of himself right from the start will reap many rewards in the years to come.
     Your approval shines like a beacon in your tone of voice, your words, your facial expressions, and your body language — and your disapproval is just as obvious. If something your baby has done displeases you, make sure that you target the behavior, not the child.
Natural Baby Oil
Use this oil on baby’s damp skin after a bath.
    6 drops calendula essential oil
    2 drops lavender essential oil
    2 drops rose essential oil
    1 bottle (4 ounces) sweet almond oil

Add the essential oils directly to the bottle of sweet almond oil. Shake well before using. This formula will keep its effectiveness for up to a year. A bottle this size should last for about six months with normal use. 

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