Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Few Words From The Backyard...Homestead, That Is.

I'd love for you all to visit this site to hear our own Carleen Madigan being interviewed on a wonderful podcast called TheWritersVoice. Here's the link, and the interview is conducted by a writer named Francesca Rheannon. It is produced at the studios of WMUA 91.1 in Amherst, MA and airs locally on three stations, including the local NPR affiliate AM news station WNNZ. It also airs nationally on Pacifica Network stations and streams/podcasts on the Web at, so give it a listen and let us here at Storey know what you think. Share it with anyone interested in growing veggies, raising goats or chickens, or dreamers who visualize a world where "takeout for dinner" means picking corn from the patch behind the house!

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